A happy transition


Change can be hard. But, when you’re in a situation that’s not good for your company and you know there has to be something better out there…that’s when you must decide that change is for the best.

McKay Healthcare has been a client for a while, we’ve done some small projects for them and given them quotes on larger projects. They weren’t happy with their old website and the services they were paying for, so, they started the conversation with us and decided that change was what was best for them. After receiving the testimonial below we can honestly say, the transition went very smoothly. We were able to fulfill their needs, give them a website they can grow with and focus on their message in their marketing materials. Mostly we conduct our business how we want to be treated and our clients love it! Sometimes they’re shocked by the awesome customer service.

“Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs has re-designed our webpage, Facebook, tri-fold brochures, & our quarterly news flyer! This was the BEST experience we have had! The process was painless, and easy to communicate, as well as give information that was needed to clarify what our facility actually does! So not only did she capture the heart of McKay Healthcare, but she was able to translate the essence of who, what where, why we do what we do. Our commitment to the communities in Soap Lake and the surround communities too. All of the us here at McKay want to THANK Michaelle and her crew for helping us to showcase our facility.”

branding a new restaurant


When we were approached to design the logo for a new restaurant in town, saying we were excited was an understatement. After we got past the excitement we quickly realized what the project actually entailed. Rock Top Burgers & Brew was a dream project, something on our bucket list.

It started with a tour of the then bare bones building. The building had been gutted so no remnants of the former restaurant remained. We talked with the client, met the interior designer, saw fabric swatches, colors, tiles, lighting…we got a feel for what Rock Top would become in a few short months.

We played with the logo, selecting various fonts to carry over the feel of the restaurant and made the selection. What was to come was designing the menus, kid’s menus, drink menus, invitations, business cards…you name it!

At the opening of the restaurant we were like a kid in a candy store! Seeing our logo on the outside of the building, our designs on the menus, glasses, decor…knowing we had such an integral part of this amazing project was such an honor for us.

NOT hiring a designer is expensive


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
— Red Adair (1915-2004)

Most would think that hiring a graphic designer for their business is an expense the don’t need or perhaps is a task they can do themselves. Most don’t even go as far as meeting with a designer, we don’t even charge for this first meeting…or even getting a quote for the marketing services they need.

Hiring a professional designer will save you time.
We are all experts in our chosen fields. And, hopefully we know our limits. Small business owners feel they need to do everything, from being the receptionist, the salesperson, the accountant and even the marketing department. That can be the case but you can’t possible be good at all those tasks or do all of them well. A graphic designer is a professional, most have gone to college and have a portfolio of marketing work to back up their years of experience. They know how to design logos, and no…Photoshop is not the program to use…how to set up files correctly for printers, etc. so that you don’t have to. A graphic designer can turn your idea or theirs into reality rather quickly, thus giving you the time to run your business.

Hiring a professional will improve your image.
We’ve all seen marketing materials that were obviously not professionally designed and even printed on a laser printer in the office. These do-it-yourself jobs weren’t given any thought to the image they’re portraying about the business. Professionally designed materials will tell your clients you care about your image and about them.

Your materials will stand out from the rest.
Our only hope in the sea of marketing materials we all see every day is to stand out from the rest. Make sure your materials grab your customers’s attention, they carry your message and convey your brand every time. Hiring a graphic designer will give your business the image you’re looking for.

Save money in the long run.
You’d think doing your own graphic design and printing would save you money. When it comes to printing this isn’t necessarily the case. Unless the file is set up correctly your job will either be rejected by the printer or incur extra fees from the graphic department to fix your file so it is print ready. It would have been less expensive to just hire a designer to do it right the first time. Same goes for logo design, if your logo is not designed in a vector based art program, like Adobe Illustrator, you’ll have problems down the road when you go to put the logo on things. Whether it’s a  printed project, a billboard or a shirt or hat. Hiring a designer and then having them send you the final logo in color & black and white and in various file formats will ensure that you’ll have the correct file for any future marketing project.

Designers know the correct software.
We’ve brought this up several times but setting up your files correctly and in the correct programs is so, so  important. Photoshop is not for designing company logos. Just as Microsoft Word is not for doing page layout, such as newsletters. There is no one program that does it all. Professional designers use a variety of graphics programs, for vector logos, for photos, for page layout, etc. All these programs produce the final marketing piece. Designing with the correct programs will produce quality results.

Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs has been in the design business for over 15 years and we have the portfolio of work to prove it. We’ve worked both in a corporate in-house graphic department as well as run our own business. We’ve worked with companies both large and small. We want to build a relationship with you and become your graphic department. Drop us an email and let us show you that hiring a graphic designer doesn’t have to be expensive.

we design a variety of materials…


We’re so lucky to be able to work with so many great clients, large and small, the type of work varies from day to day. A redesigned website for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Columbia Basin is just one of those projects. The Club was in need of a more functional website, something that was more user-friendly, something that really showcased what they’re all about. We made all these services front and center and also gave them a way to collect donations online as well as implement social media into the mix.