Who doesn’t love a dinner party?

Soroptimist_Flyer2The past few years we’ve had the opportunity to design marketing materials for Soroptimist Moses Lake’s Annual Dinner Party Fundraiser. This is a new concept in that rather than have an auction, attendees can sign up/purchase seats at a dozen or so dinner party’s happening throughout the year.

These dinner party’s range from dinner at a local winery, pool party, BBQ, a play, Seahawks tailgate, tamale making, to a paint a masterpiece. The amount of attendees vary per party as well as the cost to attend. Last year, Jeremy and I, purchased seats for a tamale making party. It was so much fun, we mingled with guests, had adult beverages and learned and made tamales. After they cooked we enjoyed a full Mexican feast…yum! Best part was we made enough to take home and enjoy, since they could dehydrated the left over with equipment from www.village-bakery.com, so it was easy to share and store.

Our services for this event included designing and printing: postcards, posters, a photo backdrop, Facebook graphics, flyers, table cards, dinner party invites, passports, program, raffle cards, table numbers, thank you cards, vertical banners and everything in between.

A happy transition

Change can be hard. But, when you’re in a situation that’s not good for your company and you know there has to be something better out there…that’s when you must decide that change is for the best.

McKay Healthcare has been a client for a while, we’ve done some small projects for them and given them quotes on larger projects. They weren’t happy with their old website and the services they were paying for, so, they started the conversation with us and decided that change was what was best for them. After receiving the testimonial below we can honestly say, the transition went very smoothly. We were able to fulfill their needs, give them a website they can grow with and focus on their message in their marketing materials. Mostly we conduct our business how we want to be treated and our clients love it! Sometimes they’re shocked by the awesome customer service.

“Michaelle Boetger Graphic Designs has re-designed our webpage, Facebook, tri-fold brochures, & our quarterly news flyer! This was the BEST experience we have had! The process was painless, and easy to communicate, as well as give information that was needed to clarify what our facility actually does! So not only did she capture the heart of McKay Healthcare, but she was able to translate the essence of who, what where, why we do what we do. Our commitment to the communities in Soap Lake and the surround communities too. All of the us here at McKay want to THANK Michaelle and her crew for helping us to showcase our facility.”

It’s all about networking

After working in the corporate world for over nine years I wouldn’t have known how important networking is until i started my own business.

Especially since i started my business in a new state, in a new town…I knew virtually no one. you learn pretty quickly to put yourself out there, talk to anyone and everyone and meet as many people as possible. And, to this day that hasn’t changed.

I carry business cards with me every where, for both graphic design and for our dog sitting business. You just never know when you’ll need them and when your business will come in conversation. If you do it right, it should always come up!

Soon after I moved to Moses Lake, Washington back in 2007 I received a cold call from a local mortgage broker and was asked about starting a networking group. It didn’t take much thought on my part, after all, I didn’t know anyone and what a great way for me to introduce my business to the town.

So, it was then that Power Partners of Grant County was founded. We’ve now been going 7 years strong and have had members come and go but we continue to meet twice a month over lunch to learn about each other’s businesses and even bring in speakers to talk to us on various topics.

These networking events have become so important to our business, most members have become clients and freely share our name and business cards with their clients and friends. When it comes down to it, that’s really what it’s all about, especially for a small business. Word-of-mouth marketing, sharing referrals, I know we couldn’t do it without our fellow members of Power Partners of Grant County. I look forward to growing the groups members and continuing to help grow their businesses as well as ours.

For information on joining Power Partners of Grant County click here.

We love giving back

Giving back is not something we think twice about, being a firm believer in karma we give back as much as we can. A lot of times that means giving back through our design work either by doing pro bono work or giving discounts to local non-profits.

As a thanks a lot of times we’ll get to go to events, get an ad for our business in the event program or just get an appreciative note for our service.

It’s nice to get these things in return but what’s nice is seeing that we made a difference, even in a small way to give back.

How can you give back? Our local Chamber is part of Chamber for Good. It’s a resource that lists local non-profits, it’s a place for the groups to list their needs for those looking to give back, through time or financially. Check it out in your community.

We all can give back in some way, no matter how large or small, try it, we guarantee you’ll feel great about it!

we learn a lot from the boxers

Photo by Ken Russell Photography

Photo by Ken Russell Photography

Our furry babies teach us a lot, like children, they take a lot of work. Work we lovingly do and then some. I’d say they’re spoiled and have us wrapped around their paws.

Having us home all the time they’ve become accustomed to their schedule, their twice daily walks, their three meals a day and the love and attention they feel they need whenever they can get it.

But it’s the little things we can learn from dogs that always put a smile on our face. We have a list of words we don’t say out loud, the words we know will cause a lot of excitement and get their wiggle butts going. Those words are: Ready, Walk, Go, Ride and others. Even the smallest task of putting our tennis shoes on or getting out their “jingles” (their collars) signals the clue that something must be going on.

It’s these activities along with sticking your head out the window and feeling the breeze…walks with our people…the little things in life that most could take for granted.

Both our boxers, Sierra & Tucker, recently had lumps removed. We found out this week Tucker had a cancerous tumor and then Melanoma right beside it. Tucker is our 95 pound rescue, he’s the strong one, the protector of the bunch. We hope they’re both well now after their surgery and we have them for many more years, not sure what we’d do without them.

So, whether you have real babies or furry ones, give them a squeeze. take them for a walk and put the windows down next time you’re in the car with them. Their happiness is contagious.

using google’s free business tools

Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using. Give customers the right info at the right time, whether that be driving directions to your business in Maps, hours of operations in Search or a phone number they can click to call you on mobile phones. Google My Business helps you build a loyal fan base. Your customers can show their appreciation with ratings and reviews, use the +1 button to endorse your content, and re-share your Google+ posts across the web.

wordpress: your website solution

WordPressWordPress was launched in 2003 and was mainly used for blogging purposes. This is not the case anymore and WordPress is being used as the foundation for building many websites for people as well as for companies such as Samsung, Forbes, and CNN.

The ease of use and standard features of WordPress make it appealing to designers as well as clients who want to be able to make changes to their website themselves.

The plugins available also make WordPress able to add functionality to your website with relative ease. WordPress is also updated often and supported well with dedicated resources and forums.

Lastly, WordPress SEO friendly. With a couple of plugins, your WordPress site can be found easier by search engines and help people find your site easier.

We work exclusively in WordPress and would love to talk to you about your new website or even a website redesign. Click to email us!

we’re famous (in moses lake)

Photo by Ken Russell Photography.

Photo by Ken Russell Photography.

Sometimes you get so far away from where you thought you would go, yet find it is exactly where you needed to be. The year was 1995. In a small country bar in Des Moines, Iowa, line-dance lessons had become popular and Michaelle Boyd, having been invited by her parents to come learn, went. Discovering a good time, she continued the lessons in the weeks to come. Then it happened. Destiny, in the form of a friend Michaelle had known since high school, stepped in front of her with the encouragement to go ask a friend of his from college, to dance. Being uninterested in doing so, she reluctantly walked across the room to appease her friend. The man she asked to dance was Jeremy Boetger, and at that ­moment in time, her life changed, forever. Jeremy accepted her ­invitation and they have been together, ever since.

Michaelle had just graduated in ‘94 from the ­University of Iowa, with a BFA in Graphic Design. Jeremy was ­attending Iowa State University, preparing to graduate in 95, with a degree in Industrial Technology. Took five years before marriage, however, the couple knew from that first dance their future was to be together. They started right off ­making plans.

Their lives were very different growing up in Iowa. ­Jeremy was an only child. His recollection as a kid is of fond memories, helping his parents with yard work and home chores. He had many cousins close by that he grew up with. In teenage years Jeremy took to farm-related work to help out. His father was/is one of quiet stability. A man of few words. Devotion to his family shown in action through hard work and provision. Jeremy’s mother was/is the communicator. Both retired now, Jeremy gets the update of all that is going on from his mother still, every Sunday at 9am. [Read more…]

Reach your customers in their inbox.

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branding a new restaurant

When we were approached to design the logo for a new restaurant in town, saying we were excited was an understatement. After we got past the excitement we quickly realized what the project actually entailed. Rock Top Burgers & Brew was a dream project, something on our bucket list.

It started with a tour of the then bare bones building. The building had been gutted so no remnants of the former restaurant remained. We talked with the client, met the interior designer, saw fabric swatches, colors, tiles, lighting…we got a feel for what Rock Top would become in a few short months.

We played with the logo, selecting various fonts to carry over the feel of the restaurant and made the selection. What was to come was designing the menus, kid’s menus, drink menus, invitations, business cards…you name it!

At the opening of the restaurant we were like a kid in a candy store! Seeing our logo on the outside of the building, our designs on the menus, glasses, decor…knowing we had such an integral part of this amazing project was such an honor for us.