We love giving back


Giving back is not something we think twice about, being a firm believer in karma we give back as much as we can. A lot of times that means giving back through our design work either by doing pro bono work or giving discounts to local non-profits.

As a thanks a lot of times we’ll get to go to events, get an ad for our business in the event program or just get an appreciative note for our service.

It’s nice to get these things in return but what’s nice is seeing that we made a difference, even in a small way to give back.

How can you give back? Our local Chamber is part of Chamber for Good. It’s a resource that lists local non-profits, it’s a place for the groups to list their needs for those looking to give back, through time or financially. Check it out in your community.

We all can give back in some way, no matter how large or small, try it, we guarantee you’ll feel great about it!