It’s all about networking


After working in the corporate world for over nine years I wouldn’t have known how important networking is until i started my own business.

Especially since i started my business in a new state, in a new town…I knew virtually no one. you learn pretty quickly to put yourself out there, talk to anyone and everyone and meet as many people as possible. And, to this day that hasn’t changed.

I carry business cards with me every where, for both graphic design and for our dog sitting business. You just never know when you’ll need them and when your business will come in conversation. If you do it right, it should always come up!

Soon after I moved to Moses Lake, Washington back in 2007 I received a cold call from a local mortgage broker and was asked about starting a networking group. It didn’t take much thought on my part, after all, I didn’t know anyone and what a great way for me to introduce my business to the town.

So, it was then that Power Partners of Grant County was founded. We’ve now been going 7 years strong and have had members come and go but we continue to meet twice a month over lunch to learn about each other’s businesses and even bring in speakers to talk to us on various topics.

These networking events have become so important to our business, most members have become clients and freely share our name and business cards with their clients and friends. When it comes down to it, that’s really what it’s all about, especially for a small business. Word-of-mouth marketing, sharing referrals, I know we couldn’t do it without our fellow members of Power Partners of Grant County. I look forward to growing the groups members and continuing to help grow their businesses as well as ours.

For information on joining Power Partners of Grant County click here.