we learn a lot from the boxers

Photo by Ken Russell Photography

Photo by Ken Russell Photography

Our furry babies teach us a lot, like children, they take a lot of work. Work we lovingly do and then some. I’d say they’re spoiled and have us wrapped around their paws.

Having us home all the time they’ve become accustomed to their schedule, their twice daily walks, their three meals a day and the love and attention they feel they need whenever they can get it.

But it’s the little things we can learn from dogs that always put a smile on our face. We have a list of words we don’t say out loud, the words we know will cause a lot of excitement and get their wiggle butts going. Those words are: Ready, Walk, Go, Ride and others. Even the smallest task of putting our tennis shoes on or getting out their “jingles” (their collars) signals the clue that something must be going on.

It’s these activities along with sticking your head out the window and feeling the breeze…walks with our people…the little things in life that most could take for granted.

Both our boxers, Sierra & Tucker, recently had lumps removed. We found out this week Tucker had a cancerous tumor and then Melanoma right beside it. Tucker is our 95 pound rescue, he’s the strong one, the protector of the bunch. We hope they’re both well now after their surgery and we have them for many more years, not sure what we’d do without them.

So, whether you have real babies or furry ones, give them a squeeze. take them for a walk and put the windows down next time you’re in the car with them. Their happiness is contagious.